7 Spots Not to Miss in Lagos, Nigeria


Absolutely nobody:

Me: Let’s go to Lagos and f*** it up!

But seriously. If you’re traveling with me, then we’re eating where the locals eat, partying like it’s 1999, harassing poor strangers for mini photoshoots, and scoping out cool spots! And not necessarily in that order…….

  1. The Tea Room Lagos – Cuteness overload!! Think flower garden meets bougie brunch bar.  I found this absolutely adorable restaurant on google and was not disappointed. The décor, color, aesthetic and food were all on point! The attention to detail is wild.  It is an instagrammers dream and brunch lovers heaven!

  2. Lekki Conservation Center – Above the trees and below the clouds….. this beautiful patch of nature in the middle of Lekki, was a breath of fresh air.  It is home to the longest canopy walk in Africa, spanning some 401 meters.  The mona monkeys that call this place their home could be seen up and down over the trail and in the trees, eating coconuts and other fruits without a care in the world.  Must do when in Lagos!

  3. The Backyard Bar and Grill –  Designed by a local Nigerian, this cute spot was buzzing with insta worthy backdrops, from the wooden swing at the entrance, to the huge “wings” mural on the adjacent wall to the huge logo sign.  Photo ops everywhere! Marry that with tasty food and a down to earth ambiance and we have a winner!

  4. Moist Beach Club – Ready to relax and unwind on the beach?? This is your spot.  Cool vibes, great food, live DJ and great entertainment, this beach club checks all the boxes.  Surprisingly for me, it didn’t really get crowded until dark set in, that’s when all the party goers came out.  But during the day it was a great place to relax by the pool and soak up the vibes.  Or ride a horse on the beach, Your choice!

  5. Mykonos on the Roof – This cute bar took me alllll the way back to the Greek Isles.  Perched on a rooftop and serving good vibes all around, I’m so happy I found this spot.  And what I enjoyed even more than the drinks, was the service.  The waiters were attentive and accommodating and eager to assist when my “look away” selfie just wasn’t hitting. 

  6. Lekki Art Market – This bustling market houses all the amazing art work and souvenirs of Nigerian artisans, full of rows and rows of colourful stalls lining the market.  This was my absolute fav shopping spot. Great place to purchase some traditional Ankara fabric to take back home with you or actual pre made clothing.  Literally a one stop shop!

  7. Quilox Night Club – so I totally didn’t get the memo about partying in Nigeria.  I arrive at the club at midnight, only to find we’re like 3 hours too early.  Nigerians party wayyyyy past my bedtime.  But this sheek club kept me dancing with a balanced mix of hip hop, r&b and afro beats.  Did I mention the Moet was flowing?? I may or may not be able to recall the full events of that night….but its vacation so who cares?!?!

There’s so much more to see and do…….Lagos…… I will be back!