Welcome to my Travel Blog

A place I hope will inspire and awaken the traveler in you. I never even knew I had a traveler inside until I saw people that looked different from me that weren’t on a TV screen. Every place I travel makes me want to see more, and the more I see, the more I want to see.  My appetite for travel is insatiable, as is my awe of all the beauty there is in the world. Having touched every continent besides Australia and Antarctica, my journey continues with my faithful suitcase in tow.

As you read this blog my hope is that the stories and photos will awaken a desire in you to get out and see the world!! Do it now! While you can! Its easier than you think and I will share through my stories how its possible to travel regularly and still maintain your life.  Collecting memories and experiences are life’s little pleasures and my goal is to connect you with that thing inside, you know….in your gut, way way down that’s telling you to go out and do it!

My photography may be amateur and my stories random, but they give a full and unadulterated account of travelling solo as a young female with nothing more than a trusty camera phone and an over packed suitcase.  So take a journey with me to the four corners of the world and let’s unpack together as we haul our suitcases around the globe in search of wonder, culture, romance and life.