A Black Girls Etiquette Guide for flying first class: 12 tips to help you nail your first time

So you’ve done it.  You’ve made the plunge and splurged on your 1st business class or first class plane ticket. Now what???


Find my top 12 tips to make your flight effortless:

1/ Dress Comfy and Smart Casual – you’re gearing up for a long flight so dress comfy and in clothing that you can easily slip into and out of.

2/ Check in Early – arrive to the airport at least 3 hours before for international flights so that you can have peace of mind and breeze through security.  You may join the priority check in line.

3/ Lounge me! – After your early check in, take advantage of the airport lounge that comes as a perk of booking a first class international ticket. (lounge access may not available on domestic flights for some airlines; check your flight terms to be sure). 

4/ Priority Boarding – Get ready to board with boarding group 1 and be ready when the boarding announcement is made.  Getting on board first will allow you time to settle in and meet your FA.

5/ Take off drink – The FA will come around to take your drink order, so have in mind what you would like to order.  You may request the drink of your choice once seated and while boarding is going on.  I suggest the champs…… you’re in your soft life era, go ahead and get the bubbly!


6/ Warm Towel – look out for your flight attendant to bring a warm towel for you to clean and refresh your hands.

7/ Dinner – on long haul flights and red eyes, expect dinner to be served shortly after take off.  If you get chance beforehand you can submit your menu choice online. Followed by dessert.


8/ Snacks and Warm Nuts – shortly after dinner, the FA will bring a snack and another drink. 

9/ Amenities Kit – You’re kit would have flight essentials like eye mask, hand lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.  You can use these items to freshen up once the plane is getting ready to land.

10/ Pajamas and turn down service – once your satisfied with din din, excuse yourself to the restroom to change into your pajamas to get ready for a great nights sleep. During this time normally you can expect for your FA to set up your lay flat bed and pull up your privacy shade.


11/ Breakfast Menu – remember to give the flight attendant your breakfast order before you go to sleep so that you can have it ready when you wake up.


12/ Approximately 45 minutes before arrival, head to the restroom to freshen up, shower and change back into your airport fit. (make sure to carry your amenity kit and any other toiletries you need).

Now that you have your flight tips, go forward and conquer first class flying!